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    The 2021 Shanghai Financial Forefront Symposium(Summer?Session, Online)

    發布者:金融系    發布時間:2021-06-30

         With the development of new technologies like artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and blockchain, and the emergence of alternative data like social media data, textual data, and ESG data, a revolution is taking place in financial research. New technologies and new data not only provide us a broader perspective of financial research but also increase the knowledge and understanding of finance in academia and industry. Therefore, based on the cutting-edge research in finance, this symposium aims to arouse thinking and discussion, which promote academic exchanges and cooperation.

    Date: 4-5th July 2021

    Venue: Tencent Meeting


    July 4th7:40-8:00Welcome Speech
    8:00-10:00Paper Presentations and Discussions
    10:00-11:00Keynote Speech
    July 5th8:00-11:00Paper Presentations and Discussions

    Keynote speaker:

            David Hirshleifer (University of California-Irvine)


    Zhi Da (University of Notre Dame)

    Joseph E. Engelberg (University of California at San Diego)

    Hanming Fang (University of Pennsylvania)

    Danling Jiang (Stony Brook University)

    Massimo Massa (INSEAD)

    Christopher Alan Parsons (University of Southern California)

    Lin Peng (City University of New York)

    Johannes Stroebel (New York University)

    Jianfeng Yu (Tsinghua University)

    Bohui Zhang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen)

    For registration, Please scan the QR code to fill in the registration information. 

    Please refer to the attachment for more information about the conference.

    If you have any question, please feel free to contact us: sffs@acem.sjtu.edu.cn.

    日韩 国产 亚洲 欧美 综合